Norco™ Bath Sponges

Our most popular sponge is available in three styles, Round, Contoured and Scrub.

 Long-Handled Bath Kit

Ideal for washing hard-to-reach areas.

 Dr. Joseph's Foot care kit

Wash feet without bending over!

Wash Mitt with Pocket

Terrycloth mitt provides a palm pocket to hold bar of soap.

Soaper Sponge

Ideal for washing hard-to-reach areas.

Long Reach Personal Hygiene Wipe

The answer to personal hygiene when reaching is difficult.

Self Wipe Bathroom Aid

Provides extended reach for accurate positioning and pressure.

Digital Bowel Stimulator and Suppository Inserter

Hook and loop handle is ideal for people with quadriplegia or limited hand use.

 EZ Reach Bowel Management Tool Combo

Combo has two interchangeable attachments: a digital bowel stimulator and a suppository inserter.


Finally, a no-splash solution for washing hair in bed.


Portable water bag simplifies bedside shampooing.

Economy Shampoo Basin

Folds for storage and travel.

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