Medi-roller Pro

A compact, padded and lightweight transfer board with a SUPERSLIDE finish to reduce friction with the tubular sleeve.


Lateral transfer board can comfortably transfer patients between beds, stretchers, operating tables, X-ray tables, etc


Rigid boards suitable for horizontal lateral transfer of patients. Made of sturdy and lightweight material, with slippery upper face and anti-skid surface on the back.


The sliding tubulars are a useful aid to carry out tasks of repositioning patients in bed and as complements for performing transfers.
Special features of the tissue in which they are made, give it super-slippery attributes and helps caregivers to perform their jobs with greater comfort and safety, preventing strain
injuries due to low friction.


Sliding tubular indicated to be
placed into the bed under the
patient. Helps the caregiver to
perform the tasks of repositioning
thanks to its sliding inside. It also
facilitates the patient can do
postural changes for himself with
less effort. The soft-touch padding
provides comfort and allows it to
be placed as long as necessary.

Rigid Turntable

Allows for a smooth, safe and controlled turn movement of the patient in the requiring rotation.

Swivel Cushion

Rotation disk which facilitates the rotation
of patients or dependent person on bed,
chair or car seat.

Auxiliary Bands

Provides the therapist or caregiver an extra extension arms. Allows controlling the trunk of patient in mobilization and transfer tasks, providing a sense of security to the patient and avoiding overexertion injuries in the

Mobility Belts

The extra fastening of mobilization
belt handles allow the therapist or
caregiver manage the patient or
dependent controlled and safe
manner. It facilitates the mobilization
and transfer tasks that you can
run with less effort and more
security. Easy and quick application
with adjustable clip.

Grip & Pull Band

To assist bedridden or wheelchair patients. Anchoring bed frame or other safe location.

Professional Transfer Kit

Professional Transfer Kit that includes the most popular and helpful products in an easy-to-carry backpack, which also serves as a storage container.

Legs Band

It provides an extra gripping point,
support and anchoring at the
bottom of the legs of the patient or
dependent person.

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