Soft, closed-cell, self-adhesive splint padding.


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Slo-Foam™ Padding

Nonallergenic padding made of open-cell foam with slow recovery protects the skin.

Contour Foam

Open-cell padding with memory.


Soft, closed-cell, self-adhesive padding.

SoftSplint Padding™

Soft, pressure-sensitive padding is easy to apply.

Neoloop™ Material

Ideal for fabricating stiffer custom positioning splints, devices or padded handles.

Silipos® Pressure Relief Padding™

Perfect for cushion and protection in hand splints.

Ortho Gel™ Adhesive Padding

Variety of thickness for a range of custom applications.

Hapla® Adhesive Padding

Two choices provide proven, long-lasting, hypoallergenic, fleecy padding.

Moleskin Padding

Prevents blisters, corn, cakkyses and chafing in athletic footwear.

Orthopedic Felt

Layered felt helps relieve pressure sores.

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