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Good Grips utensils 1.JPG

Good Grips® Utensils

Cushioned grip keeps the utensil in the hand–even when wet.

Good Grips Coated Utensils.JPG

Good Grips® Coated Spoons

Ideal for persons with biting reflexes and limited coordination.

Good Grips Weighted Utensils 2.JPG
Eating ADL

Good Grips® Weighted Utensils

Extra weight helps minimize tremors while eating.

Norco Universal Cuff NC35344.JPG

Norco™ Universal Cuff

Economical, adjustable holder.

Goodie-Strap 1.JPG


Accommodates large handles.

ADL Universal Cuffs 1.JPG
Eating ADL

 ADL Universal Cuffs

Soft elastic band fits perfectly every time.

Hand Clip with Pocket NC35340 1.JPG

Hand Clip with Pocket

Pocket pivots to the desired angle.

Quad Care Utensil Holder NC28433.JPG

Quad Care Utensil Holder

Specially designed for quadriplegics.

Wrist Support with Universal Cuff Standa
Eating ADL

Wrist Support with Universal Cuff

Position a drop-wrist into the desired degree of extension with this durable dorsal wrist support.

SureFit Plastic Food Guard NC35213.JPG

 SureFit™ Plastic Food Guards

Contoured edge helps keep food on the plate.

SureFit Food Guard NC35244 1.JPG

SureFit™ Food Guard

Attractive enough for any table.

Stainless Steel Food Guard NC35241 1.JPG

 Stainless Steel Food Guards

Provides a snug fit so food won’t slide off the plate.

Good Grips Chopper NC65606 2.JPG

Good Grips® Chopper

Easy to operate and clean, this chopper offers a safe way of chopping without using a knife.

Good Grips Herb Mincer 1.JPG

SureFit™ Food Guard

Soft, non-slip grip keeps hands away from blades while cutting.

Good Grips Angled Measuring Cup 1.JPG

 Good Grips® Angled Measuring Cups

No bending over to read the fill level with these unique measuring cups.

Good Grips Knives 1.JPG

Good Grips® Knives

These Good Grips® Knives and Utensils have the unique Good Grips® handle for comfortable and safe cutting.

Good Grips Peelers.JPG

Good Grips® Peelers

Good Grips® handles provide a secure hold when peeling vegetables.

Swedish Fork knife NC28264.JPG

 Swedish Fork Knife

Comfortable upright handles keep the wrist in a stress-free position and help to prevent injury.

Swedish Serrated Knife NC28238 2.JPG

Swedish Serrated Knife

Great for slicing bread and general kitchen use.

Swedish Chef Knife NC28239.JPG

 Swedish Chef Knife

Large angled handle properly positions fingers.


 Good Grips® Flexible Kitchen Scissors

Large soft loop handles allow for full hand use and easy cutting of a wide range of foods and household items.

Swedish One Handed Cutting Board NC28502

Swedish One-Handed Cutting Board

Vise holds food for one-handed cutting.

Waterproof cutting board NC28216 Small.J

Waterproof Cutting Boards

Cut and prepare food on the polyethylene Waterproof Cutting Boards.

Maple wood cutting board

Maple Cutting Board

Handmade cutting board features quality craftsmanship that will last for years.

Stove-Top Pan Holder NC28221.jpg

Stove-Top Pan Holder

Keeps pots in place for stirring.

5-in-1 All Purpose Opener NC24012.jpg

5-in-1 All Purpose Opener

Helps eliminate stress and discomfort on hands.


Good Grips® Jar Opener

Comfortable, built-up handle helps open stubborn lids easily.


GripWare™ Round Scoop Dishes

Keeps pots in place for stirring.


GripWare™ Scoop Dish

Grooved lip on the rim helps hold the utensil.

Skidtrol Scooper Dish with Non-Skid Base

Skidtrol Scooper Dish with Non-Skid Base

High curved edge to assists in pushing food onto utensil while non-skid base prevents the dish from moving.

Scooper Bowl NC35228.jpg

Scooper Bowl

Rolled-edge helps children eat without spills.


 Nose Cut-Out Tumblers

Enables drinking without tilting the head.

Feeding Cups with Spout.jpg

Feeding Cups with Spout

Modify spout to control fluid flow.

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