Metal D-Rings

Ideal for making straps for fingers and pediatric splints.

Small D-Rings

  Thin-gauge metal Small D-rings are ideal for making small straps for fingers and pediatric splints.

Nylon D-Rings

Ideal for making straps for fingers and pediatric splints.

Synthetic Elastic Bands

Latex-free bands for a variety of uses.


 Pinch closed with fingers.

Finger Hooks

 Finger Hooks bend and glue to fingernails.

Line Guides

Screw in guides to position outrigger line or elastic traction.

Nylon and Aluminum Screws and Posts

Excellent for small, hinged splints.

Metal Eyelets

Easy to embed in warm thermoplastics.

Rubber Band Posts

Used to anchor rubber bands.

Line Stoppers

Ideal for making quick line tension and length adjustments.

Pajama Elastic

Knitted elastic.

Stick-On™ Finger Hooks

An excellent alternative to gluing hooks to fingernails.

 Leather and Fabrifoam™ Finger Slings

Top-Quality, sturdy, tanned leather or Fabrifoam™ can be trimmed easily.

Ultra-Suede Finger Sling

Slings are shrink proof and wrinkle proof.

 Outrigger Rods

Aluminium, Copper and Brass Rods.

Braided Outrigger Line

Easy-to-tie and easy-to-handle.

 Outrigger Line Connectors

Slings are shrink proof and wrinkle proof.


Indispensable for tracing patterns on splinting materials.

Curved Scissors

The 10° tapered edge makes cutting around curves easy.

 Lister Bandage Scissors

   Ideal for removing gauze or bandages.

Heavy Duty Bandage & Cast Shears

Ideal for removing or trimming casts.

Suture Wire Cutting Scissors

Ideal for removing or trimming sutures.

Strong Scissors

These shears cut any type of thermoplastic sheet.


The ergonomically angled design of the EuroShearsu makes cutting easier.

Gingher Heavy Duty Scissors

Recommended for cutting warm thermoplastics.

Fiskars® Softouch™ Scissors

All-purpose shears feature a safety lock and a spring-loaded handle.

Fiskars® Scissors

Economical and versatile scissors.

 Fiskars® Rotary Cutter and Cutting Mat

Rolling action makes cutting clean, straight edges a breeze.

Utility Knife

Slide in-out blade system for added safety.

Economy Revolving Punch Pliers

Revolving punch at an economical price.

Heavy Duty Revolving Punch Pliers

Simply turn the wheel to change the size of the hole punch.

90 Degree Wire Bender

Create perfect right-angle bends for outrigger wires.

Fiskars® Hand Drill

Easy way to make holes in hard to reach areas.

STHL2020 E with case and 9mm reduction nozzle    

Precision adjustable heat and powerful blower, make the HL 2020 E the ideal choice for virtually any application.

Splint-Form™ 1000

Conveniently sized pan is ideal for use in clinical and institutional settings.

Compact Splint Pan

Ultra-portable splint pan.

Forma-Splint™ Thermal Baths

Convenient for a variety of applications

Small Heating Pan

Convenient, portable heating pan used for heating splinting material.

Manosplint® Dry Heat oven

Its compact design and fast-heating water-free technology make it the ideal companion for therapists in need of a quick, hygienic and efficient heating method.

Splint Pan Netting

Ideal for safely removing thermoplastics from warm water.

Baster and Spatula

Useful tools for safe handling of thermoplastics.

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