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Patient Hoists

Viking XL

Developed for very heavy patients, but is also suitable for average weighted people. Despite its size, this mobile lift weighs only 41 kg's and can lift up to 300 kg's, making the Viking® XL lift ideal for most heavy-lifting situations.

Patient Hoists

Viking L

In relation to its high lifting capacity, the Viking® L lift is incredibly easy to maneuver and is ideal for common lifting needs as well as heavy lifting. Thanks to its low weight, a mere 38 kg's, the Viking® L lift is very easy to handle and can lift up to 250 kg's.

Viking M.jpg
Patient Hoists

Viking M

The Viking® M lift is easy to maneuver, even in confined spaces. Although Viking® M lift weighs a mere 31 kg's, it can lift up to 205 kg's in several different types of situations.

Patient Hoists

Sabina™ II EE sit-to-stand lift

The Sabina II EE sit-to-stand lift is designed for mobilising patients not yet ready to fully stand on their own.

Golvo 9000.jpg
Patient Hoists

Golvo™ 9000/ LowBase™ Mobile Lift

The Golvo 9000 lift offers the functional advantages of an overhead lift with the flexibility of a mobile lift. In combination with the extensive range of Liko accessories, Golvo is ideal for common lifting situations across a variety of care environments. Max 200 kg's.

Patient Hoists

Liko M220/ M230 Mobile Lifts

With its long lift arm, Liko® M230 lift can easily transfer a patient to the center of the bed. The Liko® M220/M230 lift can transfer patients to a chair in the home
or nursing home setting.
Low-profile 10.4cm base leg clearance to fit easily under beds.
Electric and manual emergency lowering
Max. Load: 180 kg's

Liko Overhead.jpg
Patient Hoists

Liko Overhead Lift Systems

Liko Overhead lift systems are portable overhead lifts that can also be used for room-to-room patient transfers—with just one lift motor. Its portability makes it an excellent and economical solution for nursing home and hospital care situations where lifting needs are temporary.

Patient Hoists

FreeSpan™ Lift System

FreeSpan™ Straight Rail is a flexible solution for most transfer situations. The lift system is freestanding, and since it is not affixed to the building structure, there are no special strength requirements for walls and ceiling.

Patient Hoists

FreeSpan™ Traverse Lift System

FreeSpan™ Traverse is a flexible solution for situations where you need a traverse system, but where you either cannot or do not wish to mount fixtures on the walls or ceiling. The lift motor can be easily moved in all directions over a large area.

Patient Hoists

FreeSpan™ UltraTwin Lift System

The need for lifts for bariatric patients has increased considerably in the last few years. With a lifting capacity of 500 kg, the freestanding FreeSpan™ UltraTwin system meets very high demands.

Patient Hoists

FreeStand™ Lift System

The FreeStand™ lift system is a sturdy, easily assembled and economical freestanding patient lift system. This system is ideal for many situations and settings, particularly in-home care. As the system is freestanding, there are no special structural requirements for the walls or ceilings in the room where it is used.

Patient Hoists

FlexoStretch™ Lift Stretcher

The FlexoStretch™ lift stretcher is a versatile and flexible horizontal lifting accessory that can adjust to accommodate patients of nearly every size. Its sturdy aluminum construction and high maximum load of 300 kg makes it especially useful in handling heavier patients.

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