Omega Max 4.jpg

 Omega™ Max

Conformability, moderate RTS, and 100% memory combine for a versatile splinting material.

Omega Black 1.jpg

 Omega™ Black Thermoplastic

Create strong, polished splints in less time.

Omega Plus 3.jpg

Omega™ Plus

Maximum resistance to stretch and minimum drape allows aggressive handling.

Encore 4.jpg


Allows repeated remolding for perfect results. Turns translucent when warm.

Preferred 4.jpg


Our most versatile splinting material can be used by novice or experienced splinters alike

Clinic® 4.jpg


Easily stretches and molds around contours for the most intimate fit.

Manosplint Carolina 1.JPG

Manosplint® Carolina

Low-temperature thermoplastic that provides strong support - ideal for patients with a lot of tone.

Manosplint Wisconsin 2.jpg

Manosplint® Wisconsin

Low-temperature thermoplastic that provides great all round performance. The Memory is low to moderate which allows for easy modifications.

Manosplint Ohio 3.jpg

Manosplint® Ohio

Low-temperature thermoplastic with 100% memory that is ideal for a wide range of splints. Translucency when heated allows for clear visibility of the target areas. Non-stick coating, providing a smooth, glossy surface that will allow temporary 'pinch bonds' but will not permanently bond unless the coating is removed.

Manosplint Ohio S 3.jpg

Manosplint® Ohio S

Low-temperature thermoplastic ideal for hand splinting. It has 100% memory and becomes translucent when heated. As it is an 'uncoated' material, it is slightly 'sticky' to the touch when heated and it will easily form a permanent bond. This 'stickiness' also helps to hold it in place during splint fabrication.

Manosplint Ohio F 2.JPG

Manosplint® Ohio F

Two materials into one great finished product. Manosplint Ohio with soft fabric covering both sides allows you to fabricate a complete splint with a padded lining already in place. This material is ideal for patients with delicate or soft skin who require a lined splint.

Manosplint Arizona 3.JPG

Manosplint® Arizona

Low-temperature thermoplastic that provides solutions for those who are looking for outstanding drape with a very silky smooth feel. The soft, conforming material provides great support and function. The Arizona memory is low to moderate which allows for easy modifications.
 Other features include: minimal resistance to stretch, excellent drape, moderate rigidity and will not bond to itself permanently unless the coating is removed.