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Norco™ Leg Lifter

Assists patients who have had total hip replacement surgery and have limited mobility to raise or lower their legs.


Norco™ Bed Pull-Up

Simple, non-bulky design helps clients sit up in bed.

Bed Rail Advantage NC94274 2.jpg

Bed Rail Advantage

Provides assistance in reaching a seated position in bed.


Bedside Econorail™

Travel bed rail makes it easy to get in-and-out of bed where ever you go.

Mobility Bed Rail NC94242.jpg

Mobility Bed Rail

Pivots outward to provide improved walking stability.

NC94234 EZ Adjust Bed Rail 9.jpg

EZ Adjust Bed Rail

The only bed rail that extends in length after installation!


SuperPole™ System

An innovative and adaptable safety solution that can be used anywhere.

EZ Stand-N-Go™ NC59535 1.jpg

EZ Stand-N-Go™

Makes standing from your couch or chair so easy.


Couch Cane™

Simple, sturdy handle makes standing from a couch or chair easier.

NC94276 Assist-A-Tray™ 4.jpg


Adjustable handle with swiveling tray eases sitting or standing.

Metro Car Handle Plus NC94249 1.jpg

Metro Car Handle Plus

Support handle provides maximum leverage to help stand safely from any car.

NC82016 Uplift Seat Assist 2.jpg

Uplift™ Seat Assist

Lifts 75% to 80% of a person’s weight without electricity, batteries or switches.

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