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Chair to bed, wheelchair to bed,

stretcher to bed, we have a solution to suit your needs.

Electric, manual, bariatric, pediatric, ICU and ward beds, Trolleys, Lockers, Overbed tables, carts, cabinets, everything needed to fit a health center.

Grip Assistance, Utensils, cups, bowls, plate guards, accessories and more.

RT24 Ward Furniture

RT2 Medical Equipment

RT252 Surgical Instruments

RT54 Mental Health

RT275 Speech Therapy


Examination Lights, Monitors, Scales, Suction Units and more.

Bed, wheelchair, stretcher and transport restraints available.

Patient Hoists

Mobile, overhead, freestanding, gait training, standing and positioning devices.

Rehabilitation Equipment

& Furniture

Bobath Plinths, tilt tables, standing frames, benches, wobble and balance boards, mats, wedges, bikes, walking aids,

Occupational Therapy Equipment & Consumables

Thermaplastics, splint padding, velcro, strapping, hot and cold therapy, scissors and so much more.

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